'catalyst changed everything'

- Emma, S22 Cohort

The CATALYST programme helped to convey the complexity of issues like climate change, but then also showed us the broad spectrum of action that can be taken. This bridge between content and real-world application is something that isn't done very often in education. And to see them doing that to an increasingly complex level was great to see.

- Shotaro, S22 Cohort

A true eye-opener. The programme brings not only new perspectives but also important life skills. Socialising, sharing ideas, having a debate, and laughing with your cohort.

- Elisabeth, S22 Cohort

Do you want to look at the world with a different lens? CATALYST is the way to go. You will work alongside people from all over the world who have a diversity of interests but who are all driven to make the world a better place. CATALYST’s style of teaching is creative, lively and interactive.

- Amelia, S22 Cohort

You get to meet so many amazing people, including your teachers, lecturers, guest speakers, and peers. It is definitely an experience that helped me grow as a person and also helped me expand my knowledge and manage my teamwork skills and work ethic better.

- Michael, S22 Cohort

CATALYST challenges the cohort to the fullest and embraces everyone's differences and specialities to help the pupil and the rest of the cohort learn even better. They often say it takes pressure to make diamonds, and CATALYST does a great job of applying that pressure in a supportive way.

- Maya, S22 Cohort

I gained skills from all different areas; teamwork, how to think at speed and then form a solid argument, how to be pushed out of your comfort zone, and then having enough confidence to present a speech or present a piece of work that you've done.

- Yui, S22 Cohort

Interactive, informative, crazy, fun, intensive, immersive, and unforgettable!

- Martha, S22 Cohort

It zoomed out to the bigger picture and made me really think about topics I didn’t know much about. I think the topics were really well thought out and the other people on the course definitely added to this sense of worldliness.

- Pat, S22 Cohort

They expect students to be knowledgeable in various areas and treat students as more mature people than school teachers usually do. This allows the students to be more independent but also be able to take part in more academically stimulating conversations.

- Shakir, S22 Cohort

I have completely changed my outlook to studying, the future. I also learnt better study skills and time management.

- Tabi, S22 Cohort

SUPER INTERESTING!!!!!! Personhood - what a personal (no pun intended…) and engaging topic :))) and discussing how we think of ‘the end’ and what it could entail, also what different people see as their world. Also a very different style of challenge that was very interesting. All in all 10/10 <3

- Assistant Principal of s22 student

She very much enjoyed the course and feels it has really helped her self-confidence and achievement as she now applies for University.

- Parent of S22 student

Look at the content. Look at the style of teaching. Look at the calibre of the people to put that blend of topics, and expertise. It's a unique opportunity really.

- Parent of S22 student

She got focused mentorship, she could bounce ideas off of people. She was getting really good, constructive feedback. And even though it was done online, everything was so interactive, she was engaged and excited throughout the programme.

- Parent of S22 student

I feel that he has gained new confidence and knowledge in how to develop an idea he is passionate about from the beginning. I also see it has deepened his belief that he can make a change.

- Parent of S22 student

The focus on collaboration and compromise has made him more confident in socialising with new people. He has also been actively suggesting and inspiring others with new ideas in conversations which is great to see.

- Parent of S22 student

It’s broadened her perspective and directly engaged her in some of the world's biggest topics. She seems like a stakeholder now - someone who is directly engaged with the biggest issues of our time, and has enough knowledge and ideas to feel like she can meaningfully contribute. She suddenly feels like a participant.

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