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We’re at the bleeding edge of what digital-first education looks like.

  • Receive objective feedback on online teaching and learning provision
  • Whiteboard with our team to interrogate and improve curricular and learning goals
  • Improve in-person provision by exploring how to best leverage technology to drive student outcomes
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common questions

Do you offer Professional Development (PD)?

On occasion, and only when we feel strong values alignment with educators or learning organisations. Please reach out to our team if you are interested in exploring how the Catalyst team might be able to help you take online provision to the next level: catalyst@wincoll.ac.uk.

Do you offer formal teacher training?

We do not offer formal teacher training at this time. However, we have been approached by educators interested in exploring how technology can be used to improve both online and in-person provision. If this resonates, please do reach out to our team at catalyst@wincoll.ac.uk.

Are you hiring educators?

Though we are not actively hiring at this time, we never want to miss an opportunity to collaborate with leading educators. We encourage you to get in touch if you’re interested in reimagining how technology can be used as a power tool to widen access to world-leading education: catalyst@wincoll.ac.uk.

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