Connexcel x CATALYST: 2023 Partner Programme


Introducing CATALYST x Connexcel

CATALYST by Winchester College are delighted to partner with Connexcel on an exclusive, custom 2-week programme for ambitious, curious students aged 13-18.


CATALYST offers selective super-curricular programmes designed to help ambitious, curious students aged 13-18 develop key competencies to facilitate change in the world, preparing them for success in further education and beyond. CATALYST is inspired by unique pedagogy developed by Winchester College, which works to dramatically improve real-world skills, with a focus on problem-solving and decision-making through active debate and discourse. CATALYST challenges students to explore the topic of ‘change’. By change, we mean economic, technological, scientific, cultural, and organizational change that has already and will continue to transform society. For example, in previous cohorts, CATALYST students explored the impact of technology on society, the ethical governance of artificial intelligence, the consequences of personhood and identity in evolving social fabric.

CATALYST x CONNEXCEL Programme Overview

This collaborative programme will offer the best of CATALYST with additional bespoke opportunities for development, including:

  • Improving proficiency and comfort with complex discussion and debate in English
  • Pre-programme coaching and mentoring sessions ensuring that all students are ready to thrive
  • Engagement with hand-picked professional industry experts across the globe
  • Oxbridge and Ivy league university application guidance

Accepted students will participate in a rich and unique exploration of change through the lens of technology, innovation, language, identity, ethics, and philosophy. Over the course of the 2-week programme, students will also work in teams, supported by both Winchester College educators and CATALYST coaches, to develop a Change Project – a process which helps develop critical analysis and problem solving. The Change Project will challenge students to confront the climate emergency, perhaps the largest scale change we face today. As with all CATALYST programmes, the CATALYST x Connexcel partnership will focus on developing 6 key skill areas, each of which are assessed during the programme:

CATALYST and Connexcel are delighted to be collaborating closely to ensure that assessment and feedback are relevant for accepted students.

CATALYST x Connexcel UK & US elite University and school Preparation

CATALYST actively seek to support all students to find success entering and in elite university. Here are some ways in which CATALYST supports students’ ambitions for university. We are excited to partner with Connexcel to further support students’ aspiring to study in UK secondary and higher education systems given the team’s expertise in supporting students in transitioning to the UK school system at all levels.

How to Apply

The programme cost is 26900 RMB. Interested applicants should contact Helen Gao at Connexcel.

Email: Tel: +86 13918220347. Wechat QR code:

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