Why are we here

Change. One of our world’s few constants.

why are we here

But what does ‘change’ mean? How does it happen - and when is it good, or bad?

Change is relevant in everything, and is everywhere; from bleaching coral reefs to cooking.
But we rarely study it… we rarely learn from it.

From neighbourhoods to the United Nations, global problems are more complex than ever before,
because circumstances change at an unprecedented speed.

We want to bring the study of change to the foreground. Understanding that change happens
where disciplines intersect is critical. Tomorrow's world is interdisciplinary.

Catalyst intends to help students shape a lens through which to identify, analyse, question,
and we hope, bring about, change.

How has change happened? How is it happening today? How might happen in the future?
These are the questions that tomorrow's leaders -- that is, you -- need to explore.

Through Catalyst, we hope students will develop a unique perspective about how change
happens by interrogating patterns of change within and across different contexts and disciplines.

And the journey doesn't stop after just two weeks. We're committed to helping Catalyst
alumni pursue change as they confront new beginnings at university, and beyond.


Welcome to the Catalyst Community!
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pedagogy foundations

DIV at Winchester college

Catalyst is designed in keeping with Winchester College's hallmark subject, DIV, which teaches pupils how to think, challenges established opinions and engenders a love for discussion and exploration.

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DIV addresses the big questions: how do we teach our students to think? What can looking across disciplines and beyond boundaries bring to us? DIV is at the heart of a Winchester College education. Students engage in discussion and debate, and embrace the idea of learning unconstrained by exam or tightly defined curricula.

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At Winchester College, DIV is led by DIV Dons, each of whom determines the specific area of study. Through this combination of disciplines, Winchester College seeks to foster discerning learners and to help students think critically, question and assimilate complex ideas, and articulate perspectives with clarity and confidence both on paper, and verbally.

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our principles

Catalyst is built on three principles: experience, action, and community.


We want to make sure that you have the chance to practice actual academic and professional skills. Like interdisciplinary problem solving, negotiation and conflict resolution, real-time remote collaboration, project planning, and simulation modelling, among others. The kinds of skills that you will draw on at and after university. So: there are no prizes for length or volume… just the encouragement to communicate concisely and convincingly.

We believe it is important that learning is rooted in application that is rigorous, fun, and engaging, and have brought together an incredible group of educators and renowned changemakers who share this vision.


Throughout the course you will tackle complex, fast-paced challenges under the guidance of experienced tutors and coaches. The final challenge culminates in a proposal that will be assessed by expert reviewers. Challenges are high-stakes. So is life.

You'll also have the chance to explore a 'change project' of your choosing. It might serve as the foundation for many things - a personal statement, further study - such as an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), or as part of a portfolio of work used to apply to future work opportunities.

Finally, we'll work with you to create a Catalyst Transcript - a narrative of your strengths, interests, and areas for growth that you can draw on in the future.


We are a growing community of academics. Practiced changemakers. Tech enthusiasts. Creators. No matter who we are, we are passionate educators, led by a founding team with experience across education, innovation, industry, diplomacy, and technology.

By design, Catalyst is highly selective. Your first encounter with the Catalyst community is with your cohort - a group of ambitious peers from across the world. If you complete the course successfully, you'll have the chance to join and help build a vibrant alumni base spanning both Catalyst alumni, and those of Winchester College.

We're excited about the possibility of welcoming you to the Catalyst community, where we strive to embrace diversity of thought, experience, background, and skill… where we value kindness, bravery, curiosity, honesty, and authenticity.

do you have what it takes?

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